The studio is specialized in the field of construction of architectural models. With a long experience and via state-of-art techonology, we offer service of the highest standards in a wide variety of disciplines including:

  • Construction of architectural models and prototype manufacturing in a variety of materials including plexiglass, PVC, wood, cork, resins, etc., with no scale limitation of illuminated and/or moving parts.
  • Three-dimensional scanning of objects as well as large-scale external locations (archaeological sites, buildings or monuments within their natural location) via a state-of-the-art 3D Laser Scanner. Potential outputs in the form of: a)point cloud (ASII, XYZ with RGB), b)view plans, sections and side elevations, c)chromatic vertical projections (orthophotos), d)3D digital models in stl. and wrl. format.
  • Three-dimensional (3D) printouts of objects, from stl. or wrl. file format, for rapid prototyping of industrial objects and architectural models.
  • Cutting/engraving of patterns via laser on a wide variety of materials such as plexiglass, cork of plastic.Substraction of the cromatic aluminium covering for the creation of inert caption-billboard.
  • Support of visual material for exhibitions and presentations.
  • Creation of photorealistic 3D renderings.
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